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Fresh off the success of our latest app release, Busytown Mysteries, we’re excited to announce the forthcoming launch of our Toontales app ecosystem — a new platform for preschoolers and toddlers that BP2
turns static cartoons into interactive and engaging educational experiences. Brought to life by characters from some of the world’s top-rated children’s brands, the Toontales interface will replace the current Busytown Mysteries app later this spring, providing current and new users with access to a growing collection of age-appropriate activities, interactive adventures and engaging educational experiences.

Built for kids with help from kids, the Toontales kingdom of kid’s content will feature:

Toontales: New Features

  • An evolving carousel menu of toontale interactive story experiences, each with a focus on a clearly defined educational objective.
  • A new Toy Box area featuring digital toys, activities and educational games.
  • Rich, responsive animations that engage children in playful interactions with their favorite characters.
  • Learning tools, like touch-to-speak technology and word highlighting that help children grasp pre-reading concepts about print.

New Titles and Characters - Coming Soon

  • Two in-episode educational activities supplement each toontale experience.
  • One toontale episode that is unlocked and available for your child to enjoy in “Freeview” mode. Parents can permanently add this and other available toontales in a gated and secure area of the app.

But What About Busytown Mysteries?

Now don’t you worry — Huckle and his crew aren’t going anywhere! All three of our previous Busytown Mysteries toontale adventures will be available inside the new Toontales app.BP Previously purchased one or more episodes for your kids? You’ll be able to restore all of these purchases with one tap once the update has taken place.

Stay tooned-in to the Loud Crow website and Facebook page for more information on the upcoming Toontales reveal!

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