The Great Sasquatch Has Been Spotted…

Bramble Berry Tales 2: The Great Sasquatch

The second story in the Bramble Berry Tales trilogy, The Great Sasquatch is scheduled to launch later this month for Apple, Android and Kindle devices. Rival Schools' much-anticipated follow-up to this summer’s smash hit, The Story of Kalkalilh this next chapter follows protagonists Lily and Thomas as they come face-to-face with the most mysterious and reclusive creature of all, the sasq’et (Sasquatch).

Part adventure story, part history lesson, The Great Sasquatch mixes myth with animation in order to effectively capture and preserve one of the Sto:lo people’s key oral histories.

“The myth of the Sasquatch has been around for thousands of years,” explains Roy Husada, the lead digital producer on the project. “Retelling it in a digital format ensures that it will survive for many more years to come.”

Lily and Sasquatch Footprint - Bramble Berry Tales 2Fully localized into four languages, including the endangered Halq’eméylem tongue, The Great Sasquatch is more than an interactive children’s story – it’s an act of linguistic revival. By including the Halq’eméylem translation (a task that paired Sto:lo Nation linguist Strang Burton with one of the last fluent speakers of the upriver language: Elizabeth Philips), the second Bramble Berry Tales release will expose readers of all ages to a language they may never have encountered otherwise.

“We were overwhelmed by the response that The Story of Kalkalilh received earlier this year,” says Husada. “With more than 6,800 downloads worldwide and an Editor’s Choice ranking in 22 countries, it quickly became clear that we had something special here.”

Readers can join Lily and Thomas as they learn the history and the origin of the sasq’et in just a few weeks time – The Great Sasquatch is available for worldwide purchase in late October.

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