Solve a Mystery at Home – Just Like Huckle!


Snowed in and looking for something fun to do with your kids this holiday season? A scavenger hunt could be just the ticket! Challenge your child to an exciting indoor adventure with help from everyone’s favorite feline detective… Huckle Cat! The following post will provide you with everything you need to set the stage for an afternoon of problem solving and deductive reasoning.

Items You’ll Need

  • Items to hide
  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Construction paper
  • Fun detective costume (your kids will want to look the part, after all!)

Planning Your Mystery Scavenger Hunt

Tip #4 - CuriosityClever clues provide the foundation for a good scavenger hunt, so be sure to take some time and plan out your approach. Start by selecting a theme for your scavenger hunt; this can be as simple as listing out household items to locate. Remember to keep your hints fun and easy to follow, especially if your hunt will involve younger children.

Provide your child with a list of clues to find and instructions on where to look for them. Remember to make your hints as specific as possible. For instance, don’t say “find the red scarf” if there are four red scarves in your closet. Instead, say “find the red scarf with the white snowflakes on it” to make the search go more smoothly. Limit your list of clues to eight or ten items so that your little detectives don’t feel overwhelmed or lose interest.

Finally, make it clear that certain

parts of the home are off-limits to your band of merry scavengers. For safety reasons, it’s best to keep bathrooms and formal living rooms or dining rooms out-of-bounds. The easiest way to mark your scavenger hunt boundaries is to put up big green constructions paper circles on rooms or areas where children are allowed and red paper stop signs on rooms where they’re not permitted to enter.

How to Solve a Mystery Like Huckle

Now that your clues are hidden and your detectives are properly outfitted, it’s time to solve a mystery! Share the following tips (provided by Huckle himself!) with your child to get them excited about the adventure at hand!

Tip #1 – Grab Some Friends

When it comes to tackling a tough mystery, it never hurts to have some friends along to help.

Tip #1 - Friends

Tip #2 – Take Notes

Tip #2 - Make a ListTake notes on everything related to your scavenger hunt clues. This information is vital to solving the mystery and locating the missing objects!

Tip #3 – Interview People

Ask friends and family members if they know of any additional clues that could help you locate the items on your scavenger hunt list.

Tip #3 - Interview

Tip #4 – Be Curious

Open cupboard doors and dresser drawers – clues aren’t always hidden in plain sight!

Tip #5 – Be Safe

Think you see a clue, but it’s just out of your reach? Ask an adult for assistance.

Tip #5 - Ask an Adult

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