Show Me The Money! How to Submit a Refund Request to Apple

Last week on the Loud Crow blog, we reported on the recent FTC ruling concerning Apple’s in-app purchasing issues. As part of the deal, Apple will be refunding nearly $32.5 million in unauthorized purchases made without parental consent.

While we wait for more information on this settlement and the unveiling of Apple’s updated in-app purchasing process, the support team at Loud Crow thought it would be useful to remind our customers that Apple already offers a pretty reliable refund program.

Provided you have a legitimate reason for the request, of course.

The following is a quick run down explaining the ins and outs of Apple refund requests as the system stands now.

Reasons For Requesting a Refund

While Apple’s Terms and Conditions explicitly states that “all sales and rentals of products are final”, there are exceptions to the rule. For example, Apple may consider issuing you a refund for an app purchase if:

  • the store malfunctioned and you didn’t receive your application after paying for it;
  • you inadvertently purchased a “scam” app;
  • your child purchased an app or in-app product without your authorization;
  • the application doesn’t function as you expected;
  • the application isn’t compatible with your device, or
  • in-app purchases marketed as free show up as charges on your account.

Simply put, this method is intended for mistakes, accidents, and improper charging by app developers, NOT for apps that you downloaded and didn’t like.

How to Submit Your Request

The easiest way to submit a refund request is through Apple’s Report a Problem website at Note: this website can only process issues with apps that have been purchased within the last 90 days. If you have a complaint from an older product, you will have to contact iTunes Support.

In order to use the Report a Problem website, you’ll need to:

  1. Log into your Apple App Store and iTunes account using your Apple ID.
    Apple ID Log-in Screen
  2. Once logged in you will see a full listing of your most recent music, movie, TV show, app and book purchases. Locate the property that you’d like to request a refund for and click the “Report a Problem” button.
  3. In this area, you’re required to select one of five problems from a drop down menu. A text area is also provided so that you can describe the issue you’re encountering at length.
    Apple ID Report A Problem Process
  4. Click the “Submit” button and voilà, you’re done!

The amount of time you have to wait for a response from Apple varies. That being said, the claims process normally takes less than 8 hours. Whether or not Apple refunds your purchase is ultimately up to them. But hey, there’s no harm in trying, right?

Looking for more helpful how to tips concerning your iPad? We’re building a handy board over on our Pinterest page with links to all kinds of useful tips and tricks. Follow along for all the latest How Tos!

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