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About the Loud Crow Playtesting Experience

During playtesting, we are interested in learning how young children interact with our book apps — what they find challenging, what they find boring, and what they find fun to use. We hope to gain a better sense of how well children navigate and understand the content of the books, so we can develop strategies and tools that will make our books more engaging and easier to read.

Loud Crow intends to evaluate the user experience of playtesters in one to three ways:

1) Free-play area
iPads will be made available in a stanchioned area for visitors to play with our apps freely. Loud Crow staff will observe and take notes primarily on how well they navigate and interact with them, and try to gauge how much the visitor is engaged. They will not interact with your children unless your child has questions or seeks assistance.

2) Interview with parent and child
We may ask parents and their children to interact with some of our apps in a more focused setting, and interview their experience afterwards. Participation is completely optional. The goal of this interview is to evaluate the child’s ability to understand the content of the book, determine whether or not it’s appropriate for their age group, and learn how the books design helps or hinders their understanding. We also want to use the interview as an opportunity to gauge what parents want in interactive content for their kids.

3) Optional questionnaire
This general questionnaire will be to gauge the visitors overall interest in apps and interactive entertainment.

All participants in any of the three evaluations will have the opportunity to draw a prize out of a hat as a token of appreciation (the most common prize is a button).

Where is my information kept?

The information submitted via our Registration Form is kept in a secure, private database at Loud Crow Interactive. Participants in the Loud Crow Interactive playtesting program will not have their information shared with 3rd parties. Please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for additional information.

Any information collected during a playtesting session will be confidential and published reports will not mention individual children. Your child’s file will be given a code number rather than a name for us to identify it.  Only researchers associated with this project will have access to the data.  Participation is voluntary. You can choose to end your child’s participation at any time.

Where does the testing take place?

The majority of our playtesting events are conducted in our offices in downtown Vancouver, BC. If you are selected for playtesting, you will have the opportunity to visit the Loud Crow Interactive offices for a period of one to two hours. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed and most children enjoy our interactive books.

Do I receive anything for my help?

If you are selected to playtest one of our products you may receive a gift item of some kind. You would be notified of any possible gift at the time you actually participate in either playtesting.
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