Moose Drinking Juice: An Interview with Sandra Boynton

Two years. It’s hard to believe, but that’s how long it’s been since we last sat down with Sandra Boynton, the author of a growing collection of award-winning print and digital children’s books.

Not surprisingly, a lot has happened since then.

The team from Loud Crow recently sat down with Sandra in order to get caught up on all the latest news, as well as to chat about the author’s newest digital undertaking – a Loud Crow release of her classic children’s story But Not the Hippopotamus.

Loud Crow (LC): It’s been two years since we last collaborated on a digital story (Barnyard Dance!). Tell us, what inspired you to do another app with the Loud Crow team?

Sandra Boynton (SB): I love this team, and I’m so proud of our work together. But to get these detailed apps to where we all want them to be takes a lot of time and thought, and for the past two years, my time was spoken for. I’ve been all-consumed with writing and producing a country music album and songbook (it’s called FROG TROUBLE, and has a truly amazing lineup of singers! Just released!). When the album was done at last, it was great to get back to work with Loud Crow.

LC: Before we get into the app specifically, let’s talk about the story itself. What inspired you to write But Not The Hippopotamus?

SB: I wrote it long ago (30 years!) for my fabulous sister Judy. She loved hippos, and was a wonderful teacher who helped so many children find their true path.

LC: In the end (spoiler alert!) the hippo overcomes her timidness. What advice would you give to children who suffer from similar feelings of shyness?

SB: Honestly, it’s to give yourself time. Join in when you’re ready. And if you’re not ready, you’re also completely excellent just the way you are.

LC: What is your favourite interactive feature in the But Not The Hippopotamus digital story?

SB: I particularly like the juice-drinking moose and goose.

LC: About the armadillo… do you think he’ll ever get to star in his own Boynton Moo Media book/digital story?

SB: I like the suspended ending. And of course kids know he’ll have a journey like the shy hippo’s, so really, his story is already implied. (Though on the back of this digital book, the armadillo does in a way get his moment in the sun.)

But Not the HippopotamusBoynton’s But Not the Hippopotamus was released exclusively for iOS devices on September 5th.

Download your copy of But Not the Hippopotamus today!

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