Meet the Residents of Busytown!

Looking forward to embarking on a trip to Busytown this holiday season? Then grab your tablet and get ready for fun! Our latest interactive app adventure, Busytown Mysteries is just about ready for unveiling. But before we invite all of our friends and followers to descend on this lively little town, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce a few key residents.

From Huckle Cat to Lowly Worm, here are a few of the characters waiting to befriend your kids in Busytown!

Huckle Cat

Huckle CatHuckle Cat is one of the main residents of Busytown. He’s also the main character in each Busytown Mysteries toontale. Seven years old, Huckle Cat wears a yellow shirt with Lederhosen (a type of German breeches). Huckle Cat lives with his Mom, Dad, and younger sister, Sally Cat. His best friend is Lowly Worm and he loves to ride his bicycle.

Sally Cat

Sally CatSally Cat is Huckle’s younger sibling. She is five years old and in kindergarten. She wears a red dress and matching red bow between her ears. Sally Cat and Huckle Cat work together in order to solve the many mysteries that occur in Busytown.

Lowly Worm

Lowly WormLowly Worm is Huckle’s best friend. A brown worm, Lowly always wears a green hat adorned with a yellow feather, as well as a red bow tie, a blue and green tube sock, and a red sneaker. A cautious fellow, Lowly can often be seen driving around Busytown in his apple car.


GoldbugGoldbug works as a news reporter for Busytown Action Bug News. You know there’s a mystery brewing when Goldbug shows up at the scene! Goldbug normally drives a small yellow van and he loves to sing.

Pig Will

Pig WillPig Will is a good natured, happy-go-lucky guy. He wears a green shirt and blue shorts. The brother of Pig Won’t, Pig Will’s catchphrase is, “I will! I will!” He always has a smile on his face.

Pig Won’t

Pig Won'tThe opposite of his brother, Pig Won’t always has a frown on his face. Grumpy and grouchy, Pig Won’t can be very disagreeable; his favorite thing to say is, “I won’t.” He is dressed in a red shirt and blue shorts.

Mr. Fixit

Mr. FixitMr. Fixit is a fox repairman. While he insists that he can fix anything, his repairs usually end up going comically wrong (he once repaired Mother Cat’s vacuum cleaner, but instead of working on the floor, it would only run on the ceiling!). He normally wears blue overalls, except for when he’s at Busytown Beach.

Meet these characters and a slew of other Busytown residents when we launch the Busytown Mysteries app later this month! Stay tuned to our Facebook page to know when you can Busytown Mysteries for FREE in the Apple Apple Store or Google Play.

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