Kid Tested: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Kid Tested is a new feature on the Loud Crow blog where we interview some of our biggest (littlest!) critics in order to get their honest opinion about our most recent app release. In this edition, we sat down with a brother and sister duo in order to get their feedback on our holiday feature: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Meet Our Interviewees

Duncan - A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Kid Tested Interview

Zoe - A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Kid Tested Interview

  • Name: Zoe Murch
  • Age: 6 years old
  • Future profession: Teacher
  • Favorite thing to do with her brother: Fight (note: her brother enthusiastically agreed with this point)


Meet Our Interviewer

Mike - Loud Crow Interactive Kid Tested Interviewer

  • Name: Michael Pattie
  • Profession: Design Team Member at Loud Crow Interactive
  • Favorite fashion accessory: Knitted fish hat (accented by a matching fish face)

The Interview Process

Our Kid Tested interviewees were provided with iPads and given a half of an hour to thoroughly examine the app. Periodic candy breaks were permitted.

The Interview

Michael: So how much fun was it playing and reading A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on your iPad? On a scale of “not really fun” to “really, really, best thing ever fun”?

Duncan: 10!

Zoe: 9

Michael: A harsher critic, that’s ok, we’re always looking to improve. What was your favorite part?

Duncan: Of the book?

Michael: Yes, of the book.

Duncan: When Peppermint Patty was yelling at Charlie Brown for serving candy.

Michael: What about you Zoe?

Zoe: The same as him (pointing sheepishly at her brother).

Michael: Now, if you could plan a Thanksgiving; if you could just have a big Thanksgiving dinner, what would you want to eat at it?

Zoe: Chicken!

Duncan: Macaroni and cheese.

Michael: Now, would those be on the same plate, sort of like big piles of macaroni and chicken?

Zoe: Ya…

Michael: Maybe some strawberries?

(Duncan and Zoe both give Michael a weird look).

Michael: …I don’t know if that would work; no, that actually sounds like it wouldn’t work. Anyways, do you think you would recommend this app, say, if your best friend was over here, do you think they should play it?

Zoe: Ya

Michael: So is there anything about it you didn’t like, anything you think we could make better?

(Head shakes from both interviewees, followed by a stealthy grab for some candy by Zoe)

Michael: Really, it’s perfect? It’s perfect – that’s good to know! So if you had to describe it to someone, using just one word, what would you say?

Duncan: Awesome!

Michael: What about you Zoe?

Zoe: Awesome!

Michael: Well you heard it, that’s two awesomes out of… two… two awesomes!

Want the opportunity to become one of our kid testers? Then sign up to participate in our next playtesting event.

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