How Loud Crow is Protecting Your Child’s Privacy

There are lots of perks to working at a company whose primary focus is creating content for kids – for starters, our R&D process often involves playing with stuffed animals and reading board books. But beneath this playful attitude lie a number of very serious considerations. As noted in our post on Apple’s new “Kids” App Store category, companies creating content that’s intended entirely for kids are responsible for abiding by a number of strict regulations and important guidelines.

Here at Loud Crow, we’ve always put the privacy and safety of our smallest customers first when working on our digital application products. In fact, Loud Crows apps have included a handful of child safety features since day one.
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“Privacy has always been a part of our design process. Safety is never secondary in a Loud Crow production – these features are taken into account right from the drawing board in order to ensure they’re cleanly incorporated and highly effective.”

– Sung Hong, Creative Director

Loud Crow’s Safety Features

Each Loud Crow digital story app is equipped with a number of important child safety features. It’s worth noting that these tools don’t just comply with Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines – they’re also guided by principles put forth in the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), a U.S. federal statute that limits the scope of data websites and similar technology entities can collect from children under the age of 13.

Three of these features include:

  1. An “Age Gate”
    Loud Crow has always made an effort to clearly separate adult-specific content from the main child-focused user interface. In order to further standardize this feature, we’ve created what is now referred to as a “Parent’s Area” inside all of our apps. In order to gain access to this section of the app it must first be “unlocked” by an adult user. The information stored in this area includes external links to the Loud Crow website, as well as pathways to our Facebook and Twitter communities. This is also the area where parents will find information related to in-app purchasing, registering or email data collection, if applicable.
  1. The Clock Lock and Color Selector
    As mentioned above, all of our adult content is sectioned off within a “locked” area of the application. Right now, our apps feature one of two different lock designs: a clock lock or a color selector. Designed with the same childlike whimsy as the rest of our apps, these locks are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functionally secure. Loud Crow Child Lock
  1. An Updated Privacy Policy
    While Loud Crows has always made customer policies public right here on our website, we have now take the extra steps needed to ensure that all of these policies can easily be accessed from within our apps.

Protecting the privacy and safety of our child users is always a top priority at Loud Crow. If you have additional questions concerning our safety procedures and policies, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email ( or by phone at 604.566.9691.

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