Getting “Tooned-in” to Toontales

Designed to be both educational and entertaining, Busytown Mysteries is one of our most complex and creative apps to date. The first Loud Crow app to feature the toontale format (a distribution model that presents educational learning content in an entertaining episodic format), Busytown Mysteries is one of the first truly hybrid app experiences designed specifically for children.

But what does that mean?

In order to better explain the toontale concept to our customers, we asked Roger Lee and Jayson Kirby, the dynamic design duo behind our Busytown Mysteries app, to tell us a little bit more about their inspiration for this new content format.

Here’s what they had to tell us…

Roger Lee, Design Director at Loud CrowRoger:

When we sat down to develop Busytown Mysteries, we knew we wanted to do things differently. This was the first time that our team was going to have the chance to work with a children’s series rather than just an individual book (like our Boynton products) or an animated special (similar to our Peanuts apps). This meant we had a lot of source material to draw inspiration from, both in terms of the story we wanted to tell and also how we wanted to tell it.

So, instead of cutting back on the content – that was far too difficult! – we decided to throw caution to the wind and embark on an episodic application format. Instead of providing customers with one story or interactive experience, we decided to give them three… and that’s just the start!


We saw it as the digital equivalent to the Saturday morning cartoon: fun episodes that a child could enjoy individually or as part of a series.


Like a cartoon, but better… because these episodes provided children with more than just something to watch; they encourage interaction, learning and engagement.

Jayson Kirby, Interactive Designer at Loud CrowJayson:

Roger’s right; what started as a series of story episodes quickly evolved into a multifaceted world of play, complete with mini-games, reading tools and deductive reasoning activities.


And just like that, we’d created a toontale. Infused with tap, tilt and touch interactions, our Busytown Mysteries toontales invite your toddler to become an active participant in both the story and the embedded activities.


And don’t forget, we’re offering all of that for free.


Exactly! Free to install, the Busytown app will feature multiple full-length toontale episodes, including one that is unlocked and available for readers to enjoy in “freeview” mode.

Busytown Mysteries Carousel - Freeview Toontale Feature

The first Busytown Mysteries toontale is unlocked and available in “Freeview” mode.

Free, fun and informative? Sounds like toontales could be the best thing to hit kid’s content since the cartoon! Join Huckle and his friends as they solve yet another Busytown mystery when we launch the app worldwide this holiday season.

Busytown Mysteries™ and all related and associated trademarks are owned by Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc. and used under license from Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc. © Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc.

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