Show Me The Money! How to Submit a Refund Request to Apple

Last week on the Loud Crow blog, we reported on the recent FTC ruling concerning Apple’s in-app purchasing issues. As part of the deal, Apple will be refunding nearly $32.5 million in unauthorized purchases made without parental consent. While we wait for more information on this settlement and the unveiling of Apple’s updated in-app purchasing process, the support team at Loud Crow thought it would be useful to remind our customers that Apple already offers a pretty reliable refund program. Provided you have a legitimate reason for the request, of course. The following is a quick run down explaining the ins and outs of Apple refund requests as the system stands now.

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Creating an Apple ID Account Without a Credit Card


Worried that your child might accidentally run up your credit card bill every time he or she sits down to play on your iPad? If stories of unauthorized in-app purchases have you placing your iPad under lock and key, you’ll be excited to hear some recent news from the Federal Trade Commission and Apple. Earlier this year, Apple agreed to change their in-app billing system in response to an FTC complaint that found the company charged consumers millions of dollars for unauthorized in-app purchases from children. As part of the settlement, Apple will refund nearly $32.5 million in purchases as well as change its billing methods in order to obtain “express, informed consent” before any in-app purchase is made.

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Solve a Mystery at Home – Just Like Huckle!


Snowed in and looking for something fun to do with your kids this holiday season? A scavenger hunt could be just the ticket! Challenge your child to an exciting indoor adventure with help from everyone’s favorite feline detective… Huckle Cat! The following post will provide you with everything you need to set the stage for an afternoon of problem solving and deductive reasoning. Items You’ll Need Items to hide Paper Pencils Construction paper Fun detective costume (your kids will want to look the part, after all!) Planning Your Mystery Scavenger Hunt Clever clues provide the foundation for a good scavenger hunt, so be sure to take some time and plan out your approach. Start by selecting a theme for your scavenger hunt; this can be as simple as listing out household items to locate. Remember to keep your hints fun and easy to follow, especially if your hunt will involve younger children. Provide your child with a list of clues to find and instructions on where to look for them. Remember to make your hints as specific as possible. For instance, don’t say “find the red scarf” if there are four red scarves in your closet. Instead, say “find the red scarf with the white snowflakes on it” to make the search go more smoothly. Limit your list of clues to eight or ten items so that your little detectives don’t feel overwhelmed or lose interest. Finally, make it clear that certain buy cialis online canadian drugstore. cialis canada. pills…

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Meet the Residents of Busytown!

Looking forward to embarking on a trip to Busytown this holiday season? Then grab your tablet and get ready for fun! Our latest interactive app adventure, Busytown Mysteries is just about ready for unveiling. But before we invite all of our friends and followers to descend on this lively little town, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce a few key residents. From Huckle Cat to Lowly Worm, here are a few of the characters waiting to befriend your kids in Busytown!

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From the Designer’s Desk: Behind the Scenes of Busytown Mysteries

What does it take to build an amazing app experience? It’s a tough question, but one that we strive to answer every day here at Loud Crow. Whether it’s building the next great story app or releasing a new toontale experience, our team of interactive designers and developers are always pushing the limits of their creativity. That includes lead designers Roger Lee and Jayson Kirby, the dynamic duo behind our latest app release, Busytown Mysteries.

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Loud Crow Interactive Visits Busytown in Their Latest App Release


Busytown Mysteries showcases new episodic ‘toontale’ content  Loud Crow unveiled their latest interactive children’s app this morning, launching a Richard Scarry inspired Busytown Mysteries educational experience across Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Presented in a series of full-length interactive adventures called ‘toontales’, each Busytown mystery is designed with an educational objective to challenge a child’s deductive reasoning skills in a fun and informative way.

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Raising a Reader: Concepts About Print in Busytown Mysteries


Of all the intellectual milestones that occur in a child’s life, learning to read is often the one that parents worry about the most. While kids naturally learn to talk and interact with their surroundings, reading is a learned skill that requires both patience and practice in order to perfect. Eager to provide their children with a head start, more and more parents are investing in products and tools that claim to help infants “read” sooner. But, even as our expectations increase, current brain development research shows that, on average, children simply don’t have the cognitive power needed for reading until around age 5. What’s more, expecting too much from your child at too early of an age could frustrate them to the point of turning them off of reading for good. Of course, that’s not to say you shouldn’t encourage your growing child to participate in reading activities. Now’s just not the time to focus all of your attention on phonetics. First things first, they need to learn how letters and words work. In short, they must develop what educators call “concepts about print.”

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Getting “Tooned-in” to Toontales

Designed to be both educational and entertaining, Busytown Mysteries is one of our most complex and creative apps to date. The first Loud Crow app to feature the toontale format (a distribution model that presents educational learning content in an entertaining episodic format), Busytown Mysteries is one of the first truly hybrid app experiences designed specifically for children. But what does that mean?

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How to Kid-Proof Your iPad

How to Kid Proof Your iPad

It’s no secret that kids LOVE playing on iPads. Whether it’s tinkering with the device’s default clock or honing their reading skills on one of our educational apps, children love to tap, tilt and swipe their way through the day. And while we’re all for creativity and curiosity here at Loud Crow, this natural inquisitiveness can often cause kids to investigate apps and features that most parents would prefer to keep restricted. Rather than worrying about your child sending emails to your boss or text messaging with your Mom, here are a few quick tips to help you keep your kids safe while playing on your iPad.

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Kid Tested: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Kid Tested is a new feature on the Loud Crow blog where we interview some of our biggest (littlest!) critics in order to get their honest opinion about our most recent app release. In this edition, we sat down with a brother and sister duo in order to get their feedback on our holiday feature: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

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