Loud Crow’s Beatrix Potter Titles PopOut!™ in the App Store

After nearly four years in the North American app market, Loud Crow Interactive announced this morning that their suite of Beatrix Potter PopOut!™ digital storybook apps are now available to purchase across the pond in the United Kingdom. The titles, which include App Hall of Fame inductee PopOut!™ The Tale of Peter Rabbit, had previously been withheld from U.K. distribution until the appropriate British copyright laws had expired.

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Tiring Tech: Electronics and Sleep Disturbance in Kids

Bright Screens and Melatonin Production

Does your toddler have trouble drifting off to sleep? Does she consistently wake up cranky or disoriented, complaining that she’s slept poorly? Well, she’s certainly not alone. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, sleep difficulties in children are on the rise; one in ten children reportedly suffer from abnormal sleep cycles, resulting in restlessness at night and extreme irritability the following day. While there are a variety of things that could be inhibiting your child’s sleep pattern, there’s a growing body of research suggesting that the bright lights from TV screens and tablet devices could be having a negative impact on your child’s natural melatonin production. Simply put, your iPad could be tricking your child’s brain into thinking that it’s daytime, making it increasingly difficult for them to wind down and drift off at night.

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Configuring An Old iPad For Your Child

Before you give your old iPad a new purpose (and a new owner), you’ll want to make sure that it’s suitable and safe for your child to use. Here’s how to convert your old device into a child-friendly tablet.

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How to Improve Your Child’s Memory

How to Improve Your Child's Memory

Admit it: sometimes you can’t help but feel like a broken record when talking to your child. “Don’t touch that.” “I just told you stop touching that.” “I said STOP TOUCHING IT!” 

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Welcome to Toontales


Fresh off the success of our latest app release, Busytown Mysteries, we’re excited to announce the forthcoming launch of our Toontales app ecosystem — a new platform for preschoolers and toddlers that turns static cartoons into interactive and engaging educational experiences.

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Battling March Break Boredom


“Mom, I’m bored.” Those three little words are enough to make any mother cringe, especially when they’re uttered at 8 a.m. on the second day of March Break. Ugh. But wait, there’s no need to start frantically flipping through Pinterest boards in search of ideas just yet. Boredom isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, a little idle time could actually benefit your bouncing little bundle of joy.

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How to Mitigate an iPad Meltdown

Taming Tech Tantrums

From challenging games to engaging stories, kids love spending time exploring apps on the iPad. It’s no wonder this and other tablet devices have become highly coveted household items – both parents and children alike can’t wait to fire one up and spend an afternoon watching movies, reading books and investigating new and exciting interactive experiences. But what happens when your child’s love affair with technology turns into a full-fledged obsession? If you’ve found yourself prying the iPad from the hands of your preschooler on more than one occasion, it might be time to reconsider your child’s relationship with their tablet.

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How to Have the “Tech Talk” With Your Kids

Tech Talk

It’s often said that the latest generation of kids have been born with devices in their hands. Commonly referred to as the “iGeneration” or “Digital Natives”, these youngsters are the first group of individuals to have been raised in a world dominated by digital technology. While individuals from elder generations recall an existence before email and smartphones, Digital Natives have been exposed to these technologies virtually from conception (admit it Moms and Dads, there’s a maternity photo floating around somewhere on your Facebook feed…).

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Kids Heart Apps


We all know that kids love iPads and apps, but just how much? In honor of Valentine’s Day, we create this cute little infographic to provide you with a little more information on the iGeneration’s growing love for technology.

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What the App? In-App Purchases Explained


When isn’t free, free? That’s a question that many parents ask themselves when reviewing new app downloads for their kids. Just because a game or app is listed as “free” in the store, doesn’t mean there isn’t a cost associated with the product. A popular sales model for many app developers, the freemium in-app purchase approach enables users to augment their app experience through the purchase of additional features.

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